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Robert Hill: Music

Moses McCord


(Robert Hill)

The Robusticator from the NEW CD, "Slide Will Travel" - purchase here:

Big Daddy Stomp

Big Al

Bayou Bartholomew

Bubba's Boogie

Blue Delhi

Alma de una Mujer

Gimme Some A Dat

My Babe

Evolution Blues

The Good, The Bad & The Unattractive

Off The Tracks

Hometown Blues

Queen of the Wild Frontier

Slide On Rye

TV Mama

Soul Of A Man

(Robert Hill)
June 6, 2009
Blind Willie Johnson

LIVE at Banjo Jim's- NYC

(Robert Hill with Arthur Migliazza on piano, Paul Undersinger, drums, Tom Wise, bass)

Rose City

Moses McCord

Wants To Be Loved

Hometown Blues

My Corner

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